15 thoughts on “TWICE (트와이스) LIKEY MV REACTION || TIPSY KPOP

  1. I think the song and choreo are really catchy so that is why I like it! The girls look very pretty and Momo gave me life during her dance break. It’s not my fave MV of their’s but it wasn’t bad. The song gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it and I always do the main choreo which is the Me Likey part💕

  2. Listen y’all, I find Twice cute, the members are pretty and their songs eventually become catchy but I am grown and not here for this bubble gum pop, teeny bullshit. NEXT CALLER! Momo is literally wasted in these cute concepts that attract and appeal to only uncle fans. I am not waiting for their genie moment, I am waiting for their devil run moment tbh but I’ll also settle for a Genie moment cause it’s still an improvement 😩😂

  3. Sofie: I still don’t know any of the member’s names…well I know a few.
    Sammy: what?! 😧 I know all of them and i don’t even like…
    Seconds later in my spongebob voice
    Sofie: that’s Momo
    Sammy: yeah
    a second later
    Steffy: isn’t that Sana?! 🤔
    Sammy: oh that was Sana! 🤭😂

    I am not a fan of Twice like that but I am here for Momo and Tzuyu. I was here for Mina but she had to get cancelled for getting together with Bambam…in a group with fioooness like JB and Jackson, you choose DabDab?!?!? 🤔 girl, her questionable choice of GOT7 members disappointed me 😩😂😂

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