1. I have no hate to BTS. But they are the one who's receiving the hate because of the army. We EXO-Ls do not throw shits on your BTS. We respect them. Let's just make our common sense work, u think BTS can beat exo and bigbang? I as an exo-l, I admit that BIGBANG is the king of kpop. Don't act so childish.

  2. i loved both exo and bts they are both great and awesome, the reason why exo is more popular before was because they are in a big ent. which is Sm but bts is in a small ent. which is Bighit but they both suffered through something to be where they are now. even though exo might be easier to be popular and well known but bts grew by themselves from being looked down to getting respects. its all handwork but just in different paths. on the opposite hand exo also have to suffered from members leaving the group continuously. So guys you might think but exo life is way better than bts, well i agreed to that cause if you looked back when exo was really popular during growl bts was still walking down the street and performing a mini concert on the street with small amount of people watching. but they kept fighting for the best they could so during boy in luv their popularity increase like a supersonic cause hardwork was never a waste. if you don't believe me then looked back during bullet proof of bts and growl of exo they are so different… then you'll realise they both work hard but bts just had to work double hard cause their beginning path were not smooth like exo and now bts brought popularity to bighit ent.

  3. guys to be honest neither exo or bts should be ranked 1 cause their popularity are the same and exo also debuted before bts so, exo is bts sunbaenim…but i understand why they shouldn't put big bang in is because, well… big bang are in another whole new level with bts or exo. army also knows that bts love big bang. To be honest every group respect each other!

  4. its ok people, everybody has their own opinions. There is really no right or wrong here. They all are legends and they're all great artists! if you want to voice your opinion, then just post the name of the group instead. don't need to bash other groups like this.

  5. bts should be number 1 ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜  and exo number 2 and bigbang number 3 and got7 number 4 this is my ranking (i'm igot7 and army) but i say the truth because now bts is moooore popular than exo but i respect exo and exo-l

  6. Im proud ARMY and apologies from behalf of ARMYs who were being rude to exo or other artists and apologies from myself too if I was being rude exo in my other comment I don't mean to offend anyone
    I use to be exo-l I was exo-l for only few months reason im not exo-l anymore is in my other comment now EXO is number 2 for me same place as got7

  7. all groups are good and exo-l stop hating BTS you guys should know BTS is from small company that means they had to work extra hard thats why they are the top kpop group, the one who are saying BTS bought views or something pls stop you wouldn't like other fandoms saying that to exo and we ARMYs like to work together cuz "Teamwork makes the dream"
    exo debuted before BTS not to mention they are from SM "the big 3" SM have many successful artist thats why EXO got attention Im not saying they don't have skills which they do thats why they are popular and successful
    exo used to be my fav group but I keep seeing really hateful comments towards BTS (now ARMYs are doing this too but their are lot mature ones that i have respect for not just mature ARMYs also for mature EXO-Ls) and you should never judge anyone that you don't even know them its for both ARMY & EXO-Ls BTS struggled alot all 7 members use to live in one room, they had to borrow money from their manager so they could eat and borrowed money for their comebacks BTS got what they deserve success & Big fandom
    ARMY I hope you guys don't respond back with negative comments towards any other groups

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