24 thoughts on “Top 50 Most Unique Kpop MV’s/Concepts

  1. I better not see any complaints on this video like the other one. These videos are supposed to be the uploader's personal opinion yet here we are. You can mention what you think is also unique but you shouldn't force it down others' throats.
    Like personally, I find ToppDogg's "TOPDOG" to be a really unique concept but for god's sake, maybe the uploader doesn't know the song or thinks it isn't unique. IT'S CALLED AN OPINION.

  2. Really nice list! But I was still missing some songs, like B.A.P's Wake me up and Skydive; Bastarz' Zero for Conduct; BTS' Blood Sweat & Tears; LR's Whisper; also pretty much anything by Ladies Code… but still, I liked your choices^^

  3. aaa I'm so glad Spica and CoCoSoRi made it!! sort of unsurprisingly VIXX made a lot of appearances aha (Error made me cry when I watched it) and it was good to see AKMU, too!! B1A4 definitely has so many unique concepts that people brush over a lot of the time (it's a shame, really). personally with VIXX I find B1A4 and BtoB two other concept worthy groups. happy to see an Infinite song on here (to match The Eye, Before The Dawn is a good concept, too) and B.A.P!!! my boys,,, my heart,,, I love all their title songs they never fail to blow me away. similar to One Shot, Skydive also has a darker concept!! these fifty were all really good choices!!

  4. Oml voodoo doll on 1 I agree. Also, if you ever make a part 3 please consider boyfriend obsession and witch (and another one in the series but I forgot the name), bts blood sweat and tears, Seventeen adore u, ikon dumb and dumber and B-day, shinee married to the music, 90% of g-dragon's songs and 4minute whatcha doin' today. I get that you can't put everything in 2 vids but just a recommendation if you ever were to do a part 3!! (ALSO I LOVE B1A4)

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