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Top 20 Jpop Boybands

37 thoughts on “Top 20 Jpop Boybands

  1. Yayy… the japanese boys are really cool and handsome nowdays. Anyway i am chinese. I like to listen and watch jpop. All of them is my favourite too. Especially Hey!Say!Jump, Da-Ice and lead. But i am so sad, why this video is no M!LK band. I like them very very much. Anyway thank you Amelia for upload this video.

  2. Ok as most people can tell by my profile picture,I am a hardcore K-POP fan.But I love anime,it's my life.Sometimes I feel like J-POP bands are kind of too bright and childish(?)
    And their colourful pants makes me cringe a little bit.That's why I listen to Japanese rock bands.Although anime music is da best.Thanks for making this video though.I've always wanted to listen to more J-POP but there's always these weird music videos of people looking at dolls and like creepy eye balls thing in a wonderland scenery popping up.

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