1. Kinda liked 'Sorry, Sorry', 'Fantastic Baby' and 'I'm the best' but 2PM's 'ADTOY' finally hooked me onto kpop.
    Boy in Luv & Just One Day made me Army ^^

  2. most of the songs you put in the list were kinda not but thnx for the video this is just my opinyon it would be better if you pud
    step sugar free TT hands up i need you crazy volume up i am the best up and down fire(bts) dont wanna cry and electric shock

  3. So happy to see 3 songs by VIXX on this list! Thank you to those who chose them! ^^
    The song that got me into kpop was Lucifer by SHINee (honestly, one of the biggest bops of all time), and the song that got me into my current fave group – VIXX – was Error ❤

  4. I'm surprised that "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang, isn't on this list. Personally, the song that got me into K-Pop was "I Love You", by 2NE1. From the moment I heard that song, pretty much all I listen to is K-Pop.

  5. I literally just listened to Genie by GG. Lol. Love that song 🙂 My first kpop song was Epik High's One, then I found DBSK's O and GG's ITNW and fell in love with kpop. That was 10 yrs ago. Miss those times.

  6. My first Kpop song was "Autumn Leaves" by BTS back in late 2016. Then my wonderful girlfriend has guided me since then. When I heard "Beautiful" by Monsta X, I felt officially hooked and involved.

  7. First song I heard in kpop was "EXO — Wolf" in 2014. But I came into kpop with "BTS — Danger" in 2016.

    If I'd become a kpop fan in 2014 I could see BTS in Moscow. When my friend said "kpop idols will come to our city" I didn't go with her ㅠㅠ
    If I knew…

  8. Sooo shoutout to the Daniel that put BoA's No.1 up there!! Homegirl needs more credit for everything she accomplished, because without her efforts and other early artists, so much wouldn't be possible for the new groups. My song that dragged me into K-pop: BoA's ID; Peace B

  9. I can't even express how happy I am that there were several songs on here NOT from the last two years. On the one hand, it's nice to see more and more people coming to appreciate K-pop, so obviously there's going to be new stuff! At the same time, so much good happened prior to the last even five years that I hope younger and newer fans come to appreciate as they grow more and more into the genre, instead of just sticking to a "bias" or "stan".

  10. I did listen to kpop before this song, but the one that truly got me into kpop is NuABO by fx… Cuz I became a kpop fan lol. And I remember they had a year-end stage mixing it with shinee… Such good times

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