39 thoughts on “My Sassy Girl Trailer – korean with english subtitles

  1. this is my first korean movie too … !! this is romantic and comedy genre but no kiss in this movie … people maybe confused how can it be romantic when there is no kiss …. people must to know romantic not always about kissing … if i'm forget i watched it in 2002 or 2003 … i have a big story too how can i know this movie and starting to like korea

  2. I don't know about 'My Sassy Girl'….the way she keeps hitting that guy and he just takes it without setting her straight, I'd say this is more like 'My Slave-Master Girl'. She seems like she might be into BDSM.

  3. best korean movie ever since 2001.. i watched it again and again, and still this is the best! the piano scene, old man under the tree scene, the ending, all of it was awesome and touching.. 대박 !!

  4. My Chinese wife had me watch this film yesterday and I loved every minute of it.
    It's so funny and heart warming at the same time. Both actors are great and the story really draws you in.
    20 thumbs up for this "must see" Korean film!!!

  5. so i saw this movie about a musician (violinist or cellist, not really sure) who fell in love with a translator through the telephone. they're basically phone pals, but they dont know each other. then an earthquake revealed that they live in the same building. i dont know the title of the movie, been looking for ages. can anyone please help me?

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