44 thoughts on “[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ DOPE(쩔어) Reaction (First Time Watching Kpop)

  1. This was so fun to watch!! I wish you knew that there are English (and many other languages) subtitles on all of their videos if you click CC 😭 The lyrics to Dope are awesome, try googling it later! Thanks for reacting to BTS!! 🙌

  2. And another Army is born… 555555. Welcome. First of all, forget the hair colour – it's always changing. In fact Suga had two different colours in DNA MV. Most K-Pop groups are great and it's all because of their training, which they usually have to do for years before they debut – singing (whilst dancing), dancing and rapping. There is so much to know about BTS and it's far too much to list here. I suggest you look at their official MVs, their dance practices, live performances – concerts and awards shows, TV shows and their own shows like Run BTS, etc. BTS are unique in that their songs are about personal experiences and social issues and often, their MVs aren't always representative of the lyrics. There are usually concepts/themes that run through albums and BTS are known for hidden meanings in their MVs. I'm sure you'll pick up lots of info in the comments as you react to more BTS. Armys (BTS fandom) are here to help and answer questions, but be warned, it can get quite deep. Off the top of my head, other groups you could react to are EXO, BigBang, SHINee, GOT 7, Seventeen, Infinite, VIXX, Cross Gene, Monsta X, Boy Story… the list truly is endless and that's just the guys! Take a deep breath… and one step at a time. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your reaction. And I love the way you react to them 😊😊. Also BTS is stands for BangTan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boys Scout in English, they are also known as BangTan boys/ Beyond The Scene. They have 3 rappers and 4 vocalist. I would recommend you to react to:
    Blood, Sweat, and Tears; Fire; Save Me; MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix); etc. And sure you should react to another group as well, they're many of them that are also awesome. I think that's all for now. Thank you

  4. if you woulda watched with the subs on it would have been perfect bc the first line is literally 'Welcome, first time to BTS?'
    and its your first time reacting. ugh such a missed opportunity haha.

  5. To learn the members I suggest reacting to the Unhelpful Guides to each member (seven videos total, but they’re pretty short). Their names are Jungkook (the youngest), V, Jimin, RM (previously Rap Monster), J-Hope, Suga, & Jin. Please & thank you. 🙂

  6. kpop is really good , omg! you need to react to some Bigbang stuff , like they are the KINGs of kpop and they are considered legends , try to watch Bnag bang bang MV it's lit

  7. I love that you started with Dope! It’s my first ever BTS vid as well and I was hooked right away. Your reaction is like mine the first time lol.

    Please keep reacting to them. For now, I recommend Fire, Not Today, Mic Drop and DNA music videos (in this order).

    Yes they’re all very good looking. V, the one with grey suit (with short) was number 1 on worldwide Most Handsome Face 2017.

  8. Okay so I’ll write them in order by their ages to make it easy for u.

    1: Kim seokjin (Jin) (24) vocalist,eldest one, and also is very proud of his visuals, tells jokes that no one gets, mother of the group and also very good cook.

    2:min yoongi (suga) (24) lead rapper, producer, song writer, always quite and serious and he doesn’t like Jin’s jokes.

    3:jung hoseok (j-hope) (23) lead dancer, raper, hope of the group, very loud and friendly.

    4:Kim namjoon (rap monster) (23) lead raper also leader of the group, father of the group.

    5:Park jimin (jimin) (22) main dancer, vocalist, alps very shy.

    6: Kim taehyung (V) (21) (most handsome face of 2017) lead vocalist, my personal Favorite 🙈and the weirdest one, the king of blurry selfies and king of expressions.

    7: jeon jungkook (jungkook) (20) (he’s also called the golden maknae) lead vocalist, dancer, does everything, and good and every single thing, youngest one and multitalented. And also impersonating all his elders.

  9. Okay so the leader of the group is rap monster aka Kim namjoom the guy who apeard at the very beginning of the video, the youngest one is the police officer his name is junkook and the oldest one is the doctor his name is Jin. And yes they are 7 members.

  10. The leader is the guy with the deep voice his name is RM I would really encourage you to watch more of their stuff not only music but get to know them they're unbelievably funny and humble you could not believe

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