40 thoughts on “LEARN KPOP! | Who’s Who: RED VELVET – Members, Position, Voice, Looks 2014-2016 (Girl Group) HD

  1. African Bands Positions

    Blanche Tudilu – Leader, Oldest, Lead Vocalist, Visual
    L'or Mbongo – Main Vocalist, Face of the group
    Mimi Mavatiku (Rhema Sabaoth) – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
    Dorcas Kaja – Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper
    Solange Banza – Youngest, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Sub Dancer


    Marie Mbuata – Oldest, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist
    Nana Lukezo – Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
    Angele Kombozi – Lead Vocalist, Face of the group
    Gisele Motuke – Youngest, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

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