38 thoughts on “J-POP Songs To Show To K-POP Fans!

  1. Heh, I love E-Girls, Faky and CHERRSEEEEEE (whis isn't in your list, btw, correct that error :P) and Nissy is cool as well, but the rest is… I don't want to say "shit" but it definitely attracts flies.

  2. It's a good list but…

    Please use the real title of Hello! Project songs !

    For example, the name of the MM '16 song is not "Confront With Bare Nakedess" but "Mukidashi De Mukiatte".

    The first is a translation, not the real title.

  3. There are other artists such as: Kohh, Project Taro, PrizmaX, lol, Faky, Bananalemon, Cherrsee, Riri, Reol, Bad Hop, Salu, Aklo, Ak-49, Cream, Awich, Ken the 390, Chanmina, S7ick Chicks and so much more. CHECK THESE OUT though. :)) Hope this helps.

  4. Cherrsee, what got me into kpop basically… I liked that brave bros sound so I searched more groups I guess ??? But I was frustrated bc I couldn't pronounce Korean so I started by listening to Japanese versions of apink and stuff like that lol, now I feel uncomfortable listening to Japanese

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