38 thoughts on “Girl’s Generation/SNSD (소녀시대) – Mr.Mr. [Full Mini Album 2014]

  1. Looking back on the comments from 3 years ago and people saying that SNSD are going downhill, my god they had no idea how bad it would get. Mr Mr is probably one of their best albums since then. The newer ones are nowhere near this level.

  2. I need to see these girls Live in Concert. Can any one please help me to make a dream come true? Today November 1 2016. When and where is there next concert?????  Help me, please…

  3. its so sad what happpened with SNSD and Jessica because after IGAB we had reached a golden era with snsd. But it looks like they are about to disband right when they had hit their musical peak. I know we've had a few solos but honestly everything besides I is a bit weak imo. I hope they become more active, whether its solos or as a group.

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