25 thoughts on “GIRLS’ GENERATION – The Boys (Line Distribution)

  1. The adlibs on the 2nd verse during Seohyun's part (yeah, yeah, ah ah ah ah) and a bit of Taeyeon's part (yeah & come on come on) are Sooyoung's part but she doesn't sing it live, the same thing like how she doesn't sing her "I'm genie for your wish" and "I'm genie for your world" during Genie era.
    And the "ha ha ha ha ha ha" on Taeyeon's 2nd verse is Tiffany's.

  2. If SM gave more Singing resources to Jessica, she might not consider opening her fashion biz…. This is last time, Sica was given more attention… SM go fuck yourself… JYP's nomination on girls group market is your karma…

  3. Taeyeons high note is actually shared with seohyun, they both harmonize with each other to do the high note, seohyun just doesn’t perform it in live performances but you can tell it was her part too because in the USA performances she also performed the high note.

  4. Actually, in Holiday Night album.. SM tells us that the true GG vocalist is
    1. Taeyeon
    2. Seohyun
    3. Tiffany
    4. Sunny
    5. Yuri
    6. Sooyoung
    7. Hyoyeon/Yoona

    Taeyeon and Seohyun always have a same main vocalist part. Tiffany and Sunny have a same part too.

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