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Girls’ Generation 소녀시대 ‘The Boys’ Image Teaser #1

23 thoughts on “Girls’ Generation 소녀시대 ‘The Boys’ Image Teaser #1

  1. Kasian gw sama girl grup, mereka selalu yg nerima kebencian, gw gak pernah liat teaser boy grup dislike nya sampe 2rb gak pernah serius sedangkan ini sampe 10rb, ketika dating yg di hujat cewek, cewek mukanya jelek dihujat kalo oplas dihujat juga sedangkan gw liat banyak idol cowo yg mukannya jelek gak masalah, poor girl group

  2. Why this video has 10k dislikes? When this teaser came out, all the kpop fandom notified. Its like it really become viral. And then the haters are born. The actual mv had the first record breaking for the fastest to reached 10M. Now, its I Got A Boy that had reached 14M in just a week.

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