36 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN 2000S HITS

  1. usually when i listen to all these ‘forgotten 2000s hits’ type vids ive already got all thr songs on my playlist and listen to them frequently but BITCH I FORGOT ABT NU FLOW BY BIG BROVAZ THAT WAS A BOP I HQVENT HEARD IT IN YEARS

  2. I was like "I haven't forgotten ANY OF THESE!!! 😎" until 1:37 rolled in. 😨
    That music video and him was everything when I was a teenager. How the hell did I forget ALL about him? I need to go see what he's up to now. Preparing myself for a 1 hour dive to see what Jesse Mccartney is up to and stalk his social media. 😂😂
    EDIT: Omg he's still releasing music! Thank god I came across this video. 😭 😭 😭

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