35 thoughts on “CUTEST K-POP SONGS & MVS

  1. Honestly, I'm surprised that Twice isn't here – You guys always complain about that Twice only has cute concepts and now they are not even here. I'm not criticising, I'm just wondering why they aren't here because you guys even hate them for being too cute. This doesn't make sense to me, haha. By the way, I read the comments and saw some Once's asking why they didn't put Twice in the video but they just told them to make their own video – Wow, I didn't know that asking is bad as well – Someone should have told me this earlier. Is it that bad to be surprised that one group that is famous for being cute is simply missing? Well, in the end I ended up complaining, though… This is only my personal opinion, so please don't hate me for being surprised like the others already did – I don't want to start fanwars!

  2. Yeahhh twice is so popular with cute concept I love them…but I think apink is the best with their extreme cute in the mv..I newbie in kpop.. recommend me a group to stan

  3. wow! I'm confused by your definition of cute. Every Oh My Girl song/mv is cuter than almost every song in this list. You also left out Lovelyz's "Candy Jelly Love" easily their cutest song and Ah-Choo is much cuter than about 90% of the videos in this. You have Syhyun but what about "I'm Different" by Hi-Suhyun? And no Gfriend either? "Very, Very, Very?" The cutest video in this is by far "Banana Allergy Monkey!"

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